The Spätzle Legacy 2.2

My lectures are going to start in about a month and I'm going to start this semester with two exams, so I better get this posted before I vanish from the face of the Internet again.
Anyway, Gottfried's time at university is much more entertaining than mine.

This time: Lots of woohoo (but no threesome for Baldo), love life-ruining architecture and the repoman returns

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ursula 1

[Download] 6 sims

I haven't shared a bunch of sims like this in a while, so here it is. This time actually with CC versions (even though, I hate to do them because it's extra work but I know there's people who enjoy them) because I don't know when I'll be able to share things again. I need to get back to my University stuff soon because I failed two of my exams last semester and need to do some extra learning. Hopefully, then I'll show Actionscript who's the boss :D

But enough of my rambling, here's the promised sims!

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ursula 2

[Download] Jim Morrison sim

I haven't updated this in a while now, have I? Well, anyway, [personal profile] vuokkosims requested my humble attempt at a sim version of Jim Morrison, so here he is (a little bit late, though :/)

Also, I've been mainly active on tumblr lately and have been posting some goodies there, so if you haven't seen them already they're hidden here and here.

All CC should be included. If there's any problem or if somebody wants a CC-less version, let me know :)